A Philosophy That Works  

In 1983 I set out to run an illustration company that offered comprehensive client services while producing top quality storyboard, print comp, and animatic illustration for advertising presentation and test. While we have expanded our product into other areas including finished illustration for both traditional print and digital, I have insisted that we stay true to the core service principle on which I founded this company - to foster and maintain collaborative relationships with our clients who trust us with their ideas, and with our illustrators who bring those ideas to life in pictures.

Our long term success is based on the creative and passionate, yet workmanlike approach we apply to handling every assignment. Each set of illustrations we create is not just another "job" to us.  We treat it, rather, as the means by which our clients refine and sell their ideas. This is how the sense of collaboration is manifest in the Santa Donato Studios process. And though we stay current in terms of style and technology, and have often been at the forefront of introducing new looks through technology, we believe that any cool looking style or new technique is only as effective as it’s ability to accurately represent and communicate our clients’ concepts.

And this approach works.

A great number of our clients have worked with us for much of the more than three decades in which we have prospered. Meanwhile, we continue to grow a large following of new, young creatives, project managers, producers, and even account directors.

Ultimately, with our diverse group of artists we deliver illustration that fits each specific purpose effectively and efficiently. As a result, since 1983 we have consistently produced Pictures That Work.

Paul Santa-Donato


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Pictures That Work is a Service Mark (SM) of Santa Donato Studios.